Monthly Data Report | The plan for the year lies in the spring, and the plan for reducing production lies in the stockpile

As of February 7, 2020, the total market value of global digital tokens was US $ 284.224 billion , an increase of US $ 88.83 billion compared with the end of last month, an increase of 45.5%. The average daily turnover in January was 102.54 billion US dollars, an increase of 34.34 billion US dollars over the previous month, an increase of 50.3%.

After completing the double bottoming trend at the end of December 2019, BTC walked out of the unilateral rise in January 2020. BSV, BCH, ETC, ZEC, DASH and other production reduction concept tokens took the lead in leading the rise and led the overall outbreak of main circulation certificates.

The outbreak of the concept of the production reduction token warms up the BTC's production reduction market. BTC increased 92.2 and 29.4 times after two production cuts in 2012 and 2016, respectively. Unlike BTC, which went out of the super bull market after production cuts, LTC's market performance after production cuts is generally weaker than BTC's. This year's main circulation certificates that cut production ahead of BTC's this year may be "sucked" by BTC after production cuts, causing capital and computing power loss. Investors can “buy coins” at a relatively low level before reducing production or make a fixed investment in BTC in order to obtain greater returns in the BTC production reduction market.

The T10 and T10X indexes rose 76.7% and 55.5% respectively, closing at 1205.07 points and 2103.71 points. The market value of BTC accounted for 62.7%, a decrease of 4% from the previous month. USDT maintained a premium this month, and the USDT / CNY OTC transaction price rose to a maximum of 7.10, with a premium of more than 1%, and OTC funds continued to flow in.

Except for physical assets, the 20 BICS secondary industry indexes compiled by Tongtong this month rose across the board. Among them, the project service industry index rose 86.7%, and the T10X (top 10 market value except BTC) index reached 76.7%, indicating that the main circulation certificate performed the best this month, with an average increase exceeding BTC and small market value tokens.

The BTC difficulty and average daily computing power reached a new high again. The average computing power of the seven days reached about 110EH / s, but considering that the miner's income will be greatly reduced after the reduction of output, the computing power may reach saturation.