FCoin's latest announcement: After receiving the verification code, the user can verify the account assets and receive the withdrawal currency

On the morning of February 14, FCoin officially released an announcement again, supplementing the explanation of the email withdrawal process. The contents are as follows:

1. Once the user receives the verification code, it means that the assets of the account have been verified, and it is determined that the withdrawal currency can be received (the amount is subject to the actual amount after verification).

2. Taking into account the security of manual withdrawal processing, we will centrally process a batch of approved withdrawal applications every 2-3 days. The users who have passed the review (that is, after replying to the email confirmation verification code) wait patiently and do not need to send email confirmation repeatedly.

3. Due to the large number of manual operations of cross-validation, the current audit progress is relatively slow. We are improving the verification process to expedite the review.