Jihong shares: QR code is not a single source of revenue for the company's blockchain business

On February 14, Jihong Shares (SZ002803) stated on the interactive platform that, as a new generation of information infrastructure, blockchain technology has been gradually applied to all areas of social and economic life. At present, the company is mainly oriented to the needs of FMCG packaging customers, and establishes a supply chain management system based on the underlying technology of the blockchain. It provides a fully traceable supply chain application scenario to help the development of existing businesses: variable QR codes with product packaging As the entrance, access to the one-item-one-code system, consumers can implement one-code access to query the full chain information of the product, including product source, production time, transaction history, and other information; for customers' award-winning promotional marketing activities, the product Marketing data and scan codes are recorded on the chain, which can effectively identify the authenticity of products and write-offs, so as to meet customer needs for anti-counterfeiting traceability of goods and marketing data management. At the same time, actively play the synergy of packaging and Internet business, and use the QR code as the channel for offline traffic to provide Internet customers with promotion, drainage and traffic monetization services, and provide value-added services such as new promotional methods for FMCG packaging customers. . Therefore, some QR code applications are equipped with blockchain technology to better serve customers, but QR codes are not the only source of revenue for the company's blockchain business.