SheKnows | Chen Haonan, Wantang Road: Bitcoin price and hashrate show a positive correlation in trend

On the afternoon of Valentine's Day on February 14, Babbitt's "SheKnows New Year's Debate: Encryption Prophets, Take You to See 2020 Clearly" is hot. In response to the question "why can Bitcoin break through 10,000", Babit columnist Wan Tang Lu Chen Haonan said,

1. From the perspective of Bitcoin itself, the computing power hits a new high. Bitcoin price and computing power have a positive correlation in the trend. Prices and computing power will lead each other and catch up with each other. Add more and more.

2. From the external environment, the era of global low interest rates is approaching, and scarce assets are ushered in funding opportunities; the advantages of international tax havens are no longer, and the "solid offshore financial center" caused by the hidden needs of assets is being forced to construct "Virtual offshore financial center" transfer; conflicts in the international situation, such as the US-Iraq conflict, and many other factors have made the phenomenon of bitcoin more and more obvious;

3. From the historical performance, according to the market performance of Bitcoin halving in the past two times, there will be a good market before and after Bitcoin halving; history will not simply repeat, but never absent.

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