SheKnows | Satoshi Masato: The opportunity to buy Ethereum now

On the afternoon of Valentine's Day on February 14, Babbitt's "SheKnows New Year's Debate: Encryption Prophets, Take You to See 2020 Clearly" is hot. RealSatoshi, the old man, believes that one of the most important applications in the cryptocurrency world is DeFi. The fact about DeFi is that it works only on Ethereum. DeFi has a strong network effect, which means that it is difficult to migrate a DeFi ecosystem to a chain with no other assets, no interoperability, and no high-quality collateral. If you want to build a product that will bring you money, you have to choose Ethereum. It is really hard to imagine that other new public chains can gain a strong developer ecosystem when they enter the cryptocurrency field.

He also said that on the other hand, Ethereum is developing a more robust and reliable layer2 solution. Companies like Matter Labs are actively exploring technologies such as ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups. In 18 and 19 years, we heard too many negative voices of emptying Ethereum: the delay of ETH2.0, the team sold ETH chips, the old bank Layer2 technology was completely bankrupt, the ecological contributors left, and the DeFi ecosystem flourished and There is no promotion of the price of ETH. After Ethereum lost its ICO function, it looked like a castrated eunuch. Everyone is surprisingly singing empty. But Ethereum still has a strong advantage. He believes that this is an opportunity to buy Ethereum.

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