SheKnows | Chen Haonan of Wantang Road: optimistic about the upgrade of Ethereum

On the afternoon of Valentine's Day on February 14, Babbitt's "SheKnows New Year's Debate: Encryption Prophets, Take You to See 2020 Clearly" is hot. In response to the question "why can Bitcoin break through 10,000 yuan", Babbitt columnist Wan Tang Lu Chen Haonan is optimistic about the upgrade of Ethereum in the live broadcast. He said that Ethereum's sharp decline in the past was mainly because the ICO flood was unsustainable and the financing function was Exchange-led IEO replacement; and the number of DAPP actives is lower than expected; in fact, the fundamentals of Ethereum are still relatively good. As the king of the public chain, no project has the strength to surpass Ethereum, and Ethereum I have been iteratively evolving.

He also pointed out that if the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade is successful, the performance can be greatly improved and it can support unlimited expansion. Web3.0 is still worth looking forward to, and currently only Ethereum can challenge the Internet giants. ICO is not the original intention of Ethereum. Ethereum tokens as "digital oil" depend on the development of the Ethereum ecology. Everyone pays more attention to the development of the ecology after the performance of Ethereum is improved, such as Defi, DAPP, etc.

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