Beijing's Haidian District blockchain-based SME supply chain financial service platform will make its first loan this week

According to the Beijing News, recently, Haidian District launched 15 measures to support the stable development of enterprises. According to preliminary calculations, the relevant measures involved a total of about 800 million yuan in financial funds, which will be guaranteed in the 2020 budget. In order to encourage banks to lend to small, medium and micro enterprises, and broaden corporate financing channels, Haidian District encourages banks in the district to provide the first credit business for small, medium and micro enterprises through a 2% interest discount and a 20% to 70% of principal payment. . Through rewards of 5,000 yuan each for banks with more than 20 loans, and a 1% discount to banks in the districts, financial institutions that have settled in the Beijing Enterprise Renewal Acceptance Center are encouraged to lend more to small, medium and micro enterprises. In addition, on February 7th, Haidian District officially launched a blockchain-based SME supply chain financial service platform, and gave companies with a 50% discount on the benchmark interest rate for businesses that carry out the right financing business. This week, the first loan will be realized.