SheKnows | Cai Kailong: Defi is gradually improving and the ecology is becoming more and more mature

On the afternoon of Valentine's Day on February 14, Babbitt's "SheKnows New Year's Debate: Encryption Prophets, Take You to See 2020 Clearly" is hot. Cai Kailong, a senior researcher and financial commentator at the Institute of Financial Science and Technology of Renmin University of China, said that Defi is generally gradually improving, the ecology is becoming more and more mature, and the body is growing healthily. The following points: Maker launched multi-collateral Dai (MCD) at the end of 2019, introduced collateral other than ETH and increased Dai Deposit Rate (DSR). This "risk-free interest rate" for Dai gives users better Mechanism to maintain Dai price stability and maintain its status as the king of DeFi stablecoins. These new features will attract more capital inflows, add new collateral, and stimulate growth. Of course, the recent general rise in currency prices is also one of the important driving forces.

He emphasized that don't underestimate DSR, risk-free interest rate. Its role is similar to Libor (not Libra) / US Treasury bonds / central bank's benchmark interest rate. The total DEX transaction volume in the year exceeded US $ 2.3 billion. The top three are IDEX (US $ 845 million), Oasis (US $ 491 million), and Kyber Network (US $ 375 million), which together account for 74% of the total DEX transaction volume. It is estimated that DEX will grow at a faster rate in 2020, and liquidity is assisted by aggregating liquidity providers (Kyber).

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