Analysis shows: the market enters a short rest period, and weekends are concerned about whether BTC can hold the 10,000 yuan mark

According to the OKEx spot display, as of the start of the European session, BTC temporarily reported $ 10163.1 (-0.92%). Last night, BTC quickly fell back after failing multiple tests of $ 10,500. The bulls once exerted strength and recovered their losses after the currency price fell to $ 10,200. However, a large number of selling orders instantly suppressed the price again, forming a $ 300 level. Shadow line.

OKEx analyst Neo believes that BTC has initially signaled weakness in the bulls after the failure of the first test of $ 10,500 the day before yesterday. Compared with the strong trend of other mainstream currencies, it seems to have insufficient stamina. With the transaction volume always lacking a considerable increase, the currency price has repeatedly The bullish funds that oscillated below the key resistance level and have not left the market before the initial price below 10,000 US dollars began to choose to close the profit after the price reached their psychological expectations. The key to failing to fall below $ 10,000, so investors need to pay attention that once the currency price is difficult to maintain above $ 10200 in a short period of time, more long positions will choose to leave the market actively, and there will be a certain probability of falling below The 10,000 yuan mark continues to seek support near the $ 9,700 level.

ETH has not fallen sharply after the rise, and the currency price has remained stable above $ 260. At present, ETH is still the most powerful mainstream currency. However, the bullish sentiment is gradually returning to rationality, and the market has begun to correct the previous overheating trend. At this time, the strength is only relative, and adjustment is inevitable. Therefore, continue to pay attention to the US $ 260 support level if it is valid. If it is valid, it will enter the narrow consolidation market in the short term. XRP trend is similar to ETH. It is now under pressure at 0.3240 USD and effective support is near 0.3060 USD. OKB temporarily reported $ 6.12 (2.98%).

Note: The opening time is based on 00:00 Hong Kong time. According to the OKEx perpetual contract:

BTC quoted at $ 10175.6 (-0.86%)

ETH quoted at $ 263.75 (-2.58%)

EOS quoted at $ 5.292 (-0.75%)

LTC at $ 79.73 (-1.56%)

ETC quoted at $ 11.775 (-1.07%)

BCH reported at $ 470.65 (-0.37%)

BSV at $ 353.22 (-0.57%)

XRP quoted at $ 0.3188 (-2.89%)

TRX quoted at $ 0.02498 (3.61%)