Ripple executives: Ripple intends to expand Asia Pacific market with its ODL solution

At present, the remittance industry in the Asia-Pacific region is on the rise. However, according to an article by Ripple's senior product marketing manager Pegah Soltani, there are some issues with transferring funds between different local currencies. Soltani wrote in the article that there are currently about 2 billion remittances in the Asia Pacific market each year. Ripple encourages local remittance services and banks to connect with them to improve the system with XRP-based ODL products. The article states that in the Asia-Pacific region, especially the Philippines, Thailand and Australia, cash remains the main source of remittances. Among them, cash transactions still account for 90% of the value of domestic payments in Thailand. So is the Philippines. Service providers must establish links with major outlets that handle cash outlays. Soltani believes that current remittance solutions are difficult to roll out globally. Since the bank account must be funded in the destination currency in advance, the handling fee is very high.