Law enforcement intervenes in IOTA Trinity wallet theft

After the theft, IOTA temporarily shut down the network. So far, IOTA has not revealed any specific details about the network intrusion, but there is evidence that the seeds have been stolen. The foundation said it will not issue a fully transparent report until the issue is resolved, so as not to "provide any additional information to the attacker." IOTA says it has hired several web analytics experts to help find the root cause of the theft. However, no significant results have been achieved so far. IOTA also said in a recent tweet that it has introduced law enforcement to help ongoing investigations. The IOTA Foundation announced earlier today that funds from Trinity wallet software users have been stolen, and the IOTA Foundation has shut down the coordination nodes that the Foundation currently controls. It is reported that about 10 victims so far, IOTA tokens worth between 300,000 and 1.2 million US dollars have been stolen.