Cryptographic currency analyst: speculated that Bitfinex was insolvent after the theft of Mt. Gox, and the problem became more serious

On April 30th, cryptocurrency analyst GOAT issued a remark that recalls that Tuur Demeester (digital currency economist) had published an email with Bitfinex in 2016. The email showed that Bitfinex had deposited 50% of its funds. In the account of Mt. Gox. Therefore, GOAT speculated that since the theft of Mt. Gox, Bitfinex has indeed been insolvent over the years, and the problem has become more serious, and the leadership and transparency have changed. In this regard, Tuur Demeester commented: "It is indeed very irresponsible. Although the BTC had a market value of only $1 billion in early 2013, all startups have tight operating budgets, but in my opinion, Bitfinex is not 6 years later. There should be this concern. To state, I support the proof of reserves."