Epidemic Topics | How does blockchain become the antidote to the "Black Swan" public event?

In 2020, the new crown is ahead of the Spring Festival. The virus spread quickly with panic and anxiety.

But we quickly united, and the professional medical team went forward, heading for the epidemic-prone area; the material donation and delivery team was behind, and they were united.

We were touched by the virus again and again.

But at the same time, people will also ask questions:

What about the high-end new technology and blockchain that are usually promoted? How to deal with the epidemic, we still have to rely on volunteers to take a temperature one by one, members of the neighborhood committee hurriedly sealed the village, forced isolation?

What is the current blockchain technology doing for human beings? What do blockchain companies that do activities and propaganda all day do in the war against epidemics? In the live broadcast of the Chain Node on February 12, we invited Du Juan, the person in charge of Binance Charity Platform, and CTO James, Behara Chain, to discuss these issues of social concern.


Charity should be transparent and every penny spent on beneficiaries

Reality has proven to us time and time again that traditional charities and non-profit organizations almost always face problems of tedious material donation processes, low efficiency, and ambiguous donations.

In the live broadcast, Cuckoo added that especially when it comes to cross-border donations, the exchange rate and customs issues are involved. Traditional institutions have low flexibility and cannot handle these issues well. The blockchain philanthropy platform can solve such problems well, she said:

I think blockchain philanthropy is a new way to solve problems and make charity transparent. We have our own platform, which has benefited 100,000 children since 2018. We want to achieve one goal: "Every penny is spent on beneficiaries." Of course, there will be many problems in the process of exploration. It is difficult to communicate with local people. Many people cannot understand the model of the blockchain. These problems need to be corrected and improved step by step.

But there will always be rewards for giving. The most impressive thing for Cuckoo is that after feeling the benefits of blockchain charity, more and more people will participate in it and help propaganda. On January 26 this year, Binance stated on Twitter that it would donate 10 million yuan to people infected with the new crown virus in Hubei Province and set up a working group for the first time. Dujuan was the person in charge of this assistance project. Going to the front line, Cuckoo described this Spring Festival as a difficult Spring Festival.

In the following practice process, as a blockchain charity platform that emphasizes data transparency, how does Binance Charity ensure that each donation is transparent and queryable? Du Juan introduced the donation system and innovative solutions:

First of all, it has its own platform. Accepting donations is one aspect. There is a wallet for the corresponding assets, and the money can be directly put into the wallet of digital assets. After Binance receives the digital asset wallet, it will directly donate to the wallet of the ultimate beneficiary. All the transfer records are chained, and the records and the distribution of money can be checked. We can do different organizations and transfers in the middle to directly connect with the ultimate beneficiaries. Our accounts are public. Those who are interested can go to the website to check. Money is paid in and money is out. It is transparent and cannot be tampered with.

The blockchain charity mentioned by Du Juan is not a new topic, but it seems that it has not been widely used. Du Juan said that this has something to do with the general trend of the industry.

Blockchain is a new reformed industry after the industrial revolution. It is currently in a relatively early stage and has not yet reached the stage where it can carry large-scale and large-scale applications, but it will definitely be gradually improved in the future.

Tracking, tracing, statistics … technology allows us to "no longer trust anyone"

Blockchain charity has been gradually deployed, but people's understanding and cognition still needs time to develop. If the blockchain technology has been implemented on a large scale, and everyone has understood and are used to this, in this anti-epidemic, the blockchain will bring more convenience and help. James mentioned this idea:

"If the current blockchain has been widely implemented and widely promoted, first of all, it can track the donated materials in real time, turning each mask and protective clothing into a token on the chain, making the donated assets into on-chain creation assets, and ensuring the transparency of the entire process. The problem of material counterparts has become the issue of asset transfer. On the other hand, the information registration and synchronization of isolated personnel and diagnosed personnel. At present, due to the incompatibility of information between different provinces, some healthy people have been in different provinces. The city and region are double segregated. "Using blockchain to monitor the flow of infectious personnel in real time and communicate with each other in time, it can be more flexible to prevent and control the epidemic. The last is the statistics of the number of patients diagnosed. If citizens can prove their health, they can upload health data such as body temperature to the chain, and make the big data more open and credible through the decentralized attributes of the blockchain. "

It is true that the future of blockchain + can be expected. Although the development of the industry is still in its early stages, the popularization of large-scale consensus and the establishment of the infrastructure have not been completed, but many ideas have been made to make life more convenient and are gradually being implemented. In January 2020, Biyuan Chain released a white paper on "MOV Stable Financial System". James introduced that the cross-chain matching provided by MOV, a decentralized stable coin pledge and a three-level clearing system can help small and medium-sized companies such as Xibei. Enterprises avoid the impact of environmental fluctuations and market fluctuations.

"Suppose you mortgage 50,000 yuan of bitcoin, and periodically redeem it, but the currency price fluctuates sharply during the mortgage period. At this time, MOV's three-level clearing mechanism can come in handy. The first layer is [market arbitrage clearing], It means that the mortgagor within the security range can redeem the coin by itself, and encourage the market to respond to the risk spontaneously; when the risk escalates again, it enters the second layer [system overall liquidation], and acquires the long-term optimistic financial institutions in the industry, becoming a market arbitrage liquidator , To consolidate the security of the system; the last layer is [risk bond liquidation], which is applicable to extreme black swan incidents, by issuing credit bonds to minimize user losses and resist the crisis. "

Picture 1

In this regard, James elaborated on the future plans of the original MOV:

The preparation work for MOV is about to be completed. It is estimated that all the technical preparation work for the launch will be completed on February 25th, of course, it depends on whether the environment and conditions allow it. MOV can do asset interactions, and implement asset cross-chain technology in various wallets to achieve asset interactions. The biggest highlight of MOV is that you don't have to trust anyone anymore. You just need to trust MOV's financial system, because the security of asset interactions is protected by the blockchain.

As James said, the development of technology cannot be separated from practice and promotion. At present, the white paper interpretation activity of the MOV stable financial system is also being conducted in the chain node forum. We also welcome more small partners to leave us valuable comments after reading. The various systems innovated by MOV represent the strength and confidence of the original team. (Participate in the white paper interpretation event poke here: https://www.chainnode.com/event/404692 )

The above is the key review of this live broadcast. Both guests are expecting that the blockchain can make more contributions to society and the country in the future; I hope that 2020 will be the starting point for the application of blockchain to become real and can use its strength. Make society more recognized.

Maybe the era of blockchain + is decades away from us, or it will come tomorrow.