Dapp ecology January data PK, the daily life of users of this public chain plunged 61% year-on-year

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  • Ethereum ushered in a good start in 2020, with its daily active user base of independent wallets growing by 82% over the same period last year.
  • The number of TRON users in January 2020 increased by 33% compared to the same period last year, while EOS is facing a 61% decrease in daily active users compared to the same period last year.
  • The largest category of games and markets on Ethereum increased by 163% compared to January last year.
  • The most popular game dapp on Ethereum in January was Brave Frontier Heroes (Brave Frontier Heroes), which has 1,240 active independent wallets every day.
  • TRON's Dapp has been highly concentrated in the gambling and high-risk categories, accounting for 83% of the total user base.
  • A good beginning is half the battle. At the beginning of 2020, how are the Dapp performances of various public chains ushered in a good start? DappRaddar combed the data in January and found that the “responses” of the first month were very different. Compared with the data of January 2019, the daily active independent wallet of Ethereum in January 2020 increased by 82%, TRON increased by 33%, and EOS's daily active users decreased by 61%. In January 2020, the user base of Ethereum and TRON increased, while the user base of EOS declined steadily.

Ethereum: 163% increase in gaming and market categories

In terms of the number of active Dapps deployed, the depth of the development community, the growth in the number of users, and the value of 2019, Ethereum has always been the most important smart contract blockchain. The development trend in early 2020 is also good. From the overall data of January, compared with December 2019, the daily dollar value of the Ethereum Dapp ecosystem has increased by 39%, and the daily active independent wallet has increased by 4%. .

Comparing the January 2020 and January 2019 data on the Ethereum blockchain, the daily active independent wallet data has changed significantly, an increase of 82%, as of January 31, 2019, the average on the Ethereum The number of independent wallets active daily is 9,264, and it will reach 16,840 in 2020.

Measuring the number of tokens interacting with smart contracts running on Ethereum, we can see how Ethereum, as a network that creates digital currency and financial value, is growing and expanding. Ethereum's daily activities in January are quite stable, with an average of approximately 16,840 independent wallets active every day. The active value peaked on January 8, with 19,506.

Speaking of category comparisons, as of the end of January 2020, the number of users of independent wallets that are active daily in the game and market categories is three times that at the end of January 2019. Overall, users in the above categories grew by 163%.

The most popular Dapp categories on Ethereum are games and markets, up 7%. In particular, the launch of BraveFrontierHeroes (Brave Frontier Heroes) brought the number of independent wallets active in the category to 10467 at the end of the month.

MyCryptoHeroes is my most popular game on Ethereum in 2019. This game is still at the top of the list, with an average of 3,660 active independent wallets per day, with a retention rate of 75%.

Another recently launched game is a combined version of the mobile game BraveFrontier (brave frontline) and the blockchain game MyCryptoHeroes (my crypto hero). On the first day, BraveFrontierHeroes (Brave Frontier Heroes) reached 1,240 daily active users, and the number has been increasing. This once again proves that having a large and active community can provide a good start for the development of the game. As for whether BraveFrontierHeroes will be as popular as MyCryptoHeroes, it can only wait for time to verify, but its early development signs are relatively optimistic.

Throughout January, the dapp game KnightStory topped the list with 669 daily active independent wallets. Although this game is ranked in the top three on Ethereum, when looking at its cross-chain ranking, KnightStory is only ranked eighth. KnightStory's user base is increasing every day, which means that the Dapp is growing steadily.

In addition, another category that everyone is talking about is DeFi, which can be said to be one of the "hot" topics on social media these days. In January, the average daily active independent wallet increased by 7%. The number of users increased significantly in the second half of the month, reaching around 1,400.

The decentralized application that has the biggest impact on the growing data of De-Fi is that MakerDAO has more than 350 active independent wallets per day, Compound has more than 240, and PoolTogether has about 100 daily active independent wallets.

It is worth mentioning that it is based on Ethereum's DeFi application PoolTogether, which combines interest income with the lottery system and has recently been raised to $ 1 million. It was first released in June 2019, and its developers started working full-time on PoolTogether in August and released version 2.0 in September. The Dapp was improved in January and the user base is growing.

EOS: 8% decrease in daily active wallets in January

2019 is a volatile year for EOS. At the beginning, the number of independent wallets that are active daily is in a state of positive growth. However, the ending is unsatisfactorily showing a downward trend. The network congestion caused by the EIDOS airdrop has seriously affected the use of Dapps. As a result, at the beginning of 2020, the number of independent wallets active daily continued to drop by 8%.

In the gambling and high-risk categories, the user base dropped by 29%. The first three Dapps that affect this ratio are Gamblr, Dice, and EOSROyal. Specifically, the number of Gamblr's daily active independent wallets decreased by more than 10,000, the number of Dice users decreased by more than 8,000, and the number of users of EOSROyale decreased by nearly 6,800.

On the other hand, the most popular categories on EOS are games and markets. The top three Dapps in the EOS Daily Active Rankings in January belong to the game and market categories.

The main force driving the growth of this category of games and markets is the three Dapps of EOS Three Kingdoms, Prospector and Crypto Sword and Magic. EOS 3 countries have an average of 3751 independent wallets active every day. EOS three countries dapps not only rank first in the EOS blockchain dapp, but also in the cross-chain ranking, with a daily total of more than 4000.

Prospectors launched in July 2019 continue to attract more than 2,300 independent daily active wallets. Although it ranks second in EOS, it ranks fourth in cross-chain ranking. In addition, last year, prospectors launched on WAX, with approximately 1700 independent wallets active every day.

Crypto Sword and Magic has an average of 450 independent wallets active every day. Launched in late June 2019, this game is one of the most visually appealing and accessible blockchain games.

In addition, CryptoSword & Magic ranks among the top 15 blockchain game companies in 2020.

TRON: Gambling and high-risk users account for 83% of the total user base

The number of users of TRON's Dapp ecosystem increased by 8% in January. In other words, TRON has a considerable number of daily active independent wallets, with more than 22,000 users in one month. Does this mean that TRON can take the lead among daily active users?

The truth is that while the number of independent wallets active daily increases steadily on the TRON blockchain, it is limited to one category: gambling and high risk. As we can see, DAUW is down 7% in other categories (such as games and markets) and 21% in exchanges. As a mature Dapp ecosystem, TRON still fails to effectively expand beyond the gambling and high-risk Dapp categories.

As mentioned earlier, the number of users in the "Gambling and High Risk" category has increased, so it is not surprising that the top three dapps on TRON also fall into this category.

In fact, TRON's most popular gambling Dapp in January was 888TRON, with more than 2,600 independent wallets active every day throughout the month. The other two top 3 gambling Dapps for TRON users are RocketGame and WINk. Although WINk is the most popular gambling Dapp on TRON in 2019, it has now dropped to third place, with an average of 1,405 independent wallets active every day.

There are many other categories of Dapps on TRON. These Dapps are not in the gambling and high-risk categories, they are easy to launch on TRON, and it is also difficult to maintain an audience.