PlatON New Beilai World Testing Network will be officially launched on February 20

On February 14th, PlatON, an operating service network that provides complete privacy protection capabilities, announced that the New Belle World Test Network will be officially launched on February 20th. At the same time, the Galaxy Rally will be launched, and the total prize pool of 5 million mainnet LAT will be opened to encourage More users jointly build the PlatON community, including multiple reward mechanisms such as staking rewards, task rewards and community contribution rewards. Among them, the new Pei Lai World Test Network is a new upgrade of Pei Lai World, which will update the following functions: 1. EVM smart contract function; 2. Consensus protocol optimization; 3. Economic model optimization; 4. PlatON governance protocol PIP (PlatON Improvement Proposal) )achieve.