Huobi destroyed 4.0568 million HT in January, an average monthly increase of 51% over the previous quarter

On February 15th, Huobi Global published a monthly report on HT operations in January 2020. The monthly report shows that the overall transaction volume (coin + contract) of Huobi Global Station in January 2020 increased by 65.43% compared with December 2019. A total of 4.0568 million HT were destroyed in January, a 51% increase from the average HT monthly destruction in the fourth quarter of 2019. Previously, Huobi had announced that the HT destruction cycle would be adjusted from quarterly to monthly from January 2020 to further enhance the transparency of HT destruction. According to Huobi's official announcement, the HT token rules may be adjusted with the recent release of the Huobi public chain test network, and the total amount may be greatly reduced, which is expected to further achieve full circulation.