Mobi Technology Launches "Big Data Platform for Epidemic Prevention and Control" Based on Blockchain

Aiming at the problems of low information collaboration efficiency and low transparency of data disclosure in the process of epidemic prevention and control, Moxie Technology, together with the Moker Foundation and Shiwei Technology, have jointly developed a "epidemic prevention and control big data platform" based on blockchain. At present, the platform has been successfully launched in some districts / counties of Hubei Province and Hebei Province. It is reported that the platform can provide comprehensive data collection, entry, reporting, statistics, and analysis to frontline workers (information collectors / gridmen), epidemic prevention and control staff, and leaders at all levels to achieve data The collection entrance is unified, the filing standard is standardized, and the information arrangement is standardized, and the statistical process of clear, accurate and traceable data from villages / streets, communities, enterprises, factories, schools, towns, counties / cities to provincial units is completed.