BitMEX's latest response: the system has a clearing prevention system, XRP flash crash has nothing to do with the exchange

According to CoinGape, BitMEX responded on its Twitter following the XRP flash crash. BitMEX claims to have tested their system and did prevent users' XRP assets from being liquidated. The exchange stated that by design, the system prevented the clearing of market orders set by users and would trigger on the last price. BitMEX further stated that according to some traders' reports, XRPUSD 14: 00-14: 02 UTC was not cleared. It also claims that its Fair Price Marking system prevents liquidation. Most commenters said they did not believe BitMEX's rhetoric and insisted that the crash was carefully planned. Regardless of the truth, this incident does damage user trust in BitMEX. According to previous news from the Odaily Planet Daily, at 22:00 Beijing time (14:00 UTC time), the price of XRP / USD at BITMEXI quickly fell from 0.33 US dollars to 0.13 US dollars, a decrease of nearly 60%. According to BitMEX data, within a minute, the transaction volume surged to $ 6 million, and then the XRP price quickly recovered within a second and closed at $ 0.3277. BitMEX responded that the flash crash was caused by market factors. The BitMEX team has investigated and believes that there is no problem with the exchange's stop loss system, and it will not be rolled back or refunded.