Galaxy Digital CEO: The United States has always been on the innovation of encryption technology, but the regulation needs to be clear

According to AMBCrypto, Galaxy Digital CEO Michael Novogratz said that Bitcoin may be the best new brand in the past 11 years. The market value of that line of code 11 years ago has reached $ 200 billion. Novogratz went on to emphasize how Bitcoin "opens its own path" and builds itself into a legitimate store of value. Novogratz is optimistic that Bitcoin may break an all-time high in 2020. "Maybe it will be realized in a few months." Novogratz also quickly responded that the United States lags behind the world in terms of crypto and blockchain rules refute. He said that most of the technological innovations in crypto and blockchain still come from the United States. "The United States is a bit behind, but it is not absent. Most of the technology is still under development, and regulators have been slow. I think Libra really wants us to take this matter seriously and clarify the regulatory issues."