Report: Bitcoin volatility is stable, or it means that the market will grow strongly

According to the AMBCrypto report, according to the latest report from Arcane Research, since the beginning of January 2020, the level of Bitcoin's volatility has remained stable, without any major fluctuations in the past 45 days. At the same time, Bitcoin has surged from $ 6,900 to more than $ 10,000. This trend should affect its volatility to some extent. The chart (pictured) shows that as of press time, the current level of volatility is close to January 1. In contrast, the volatility observed during the rise of Bitcoin last year increased significantly from around 2% to more than 6.5%, with a high daily return. During this period, the price of Bitcoin has risen to $ 13,800, and the current rise is expected to reach a similar level soon.