The Ministry of Civil Affairs urges Tencent Ali's epidemic software to be designed using blockchain

By Zhao Xuejiao and Wang Qiao

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"A useful public good software is more useful than donating 1 billion yuan."

On February 10, at the press conference of the State Council in response to the joint prevention and control mechanism of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, Chen Yueliang, the director of the grassroots regime construction and community governance department of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, pleaded with "some large internet companies, such as Take a look at community public software. "

In major outbreaks, online management is extremely important. Internet technology companies such as Ali and Tencent have launched online epidemic management systems.

Blockchain technology has also become an important tool for providing "trust". Some companies try to introduce blockchain technology into the management system to improve management efficiency and make information more transparent.

I. Material traceability becomes the focus of anti-epidemic development of blockchain

The current blockchain projects for epidemic prevention and control are mostly based on the traceability of donations and materials. The trust mechanism of the blockchain can bring credible connections, which is naturally suitable for traceability scenarios.

Using blockchain technology's immutable characteristics, multi-party bookkeeping, and joint witnessing of nodes, donors, logistics parties, and hospitals and other participating nodes perform source and data tracing, confirmation, tracking, and storage of materials and data to achieve transparent flow of information.

Recently, Alipay launched an epidemic prevention information service platform. It is reported that the Zhejiang Provincial Medical Material Security Group has launched the first material demand list through the platform, which includes medical masks, protective clothing, work caps, etc.

According to reports, the platform is led by the Zhejiang Provincial Health and Construction Commission and the Economic and Information Department. It will review the information on the demand, supply, and transportation of materials and store it on the chain.

(For respondents from the Alipay Epidemic Prevention Material Information Service Platform)

The second phase of the platform will be based on the existing foundation, from logistics traceability to intelligent cargo control, to comprehensively assist supervisory agencies to achieve logistics follow-up, visual material consumption curve, public information control, audit and review process, warehouse intelligent cargo control and other functions . In public health emergencies such as New Coronary Pneumonia, the recipient may not be the final recipient and must be distributed through the unified management of a third party.

No matter how many links go through, the blockchain records the entire process, the parties confirm that they cannot be changed, can be traced back efficiently, and can solve the complex problem of multi-point collaboration.

On February 10, the charity donation traceability platform "Zhan Zong", which was developed and supported by Hangzhou FunChain Technology Co., Ltd. and operated by China Xiong'an Group Digital City Company, was officially launched.

This platform uses the alliance's blockchain network to provide a full-link credible and efficient solution for charitable donations in this epidemic, so that demanders have a convenient and fast demand information publishing platform, and donors can successfully complete material donations and receive donations. Only in time can the donated materials be received, and the masses can see and believe the whole process of donation, so that each donation can find a foothold, thereby further increasing the trust of society in charity.

(The charity donation traceability platform "Good Track" comes from the Internet)

It is reported that the publicity method of the good track platform is essentially different from the publicity of the institution itself. Institutional publicity cannot be self-certified and innocent. By tracking the donation information on the chain, the good tracking platform cannot be tampered with or deleted once it is released, which guarantees the authenticity of the information.

The platform has launched functions such as assistance demand release, donation information release, donation and rescue information publicity, and supervision and inquiry. Currently, only enterprises, certified groups or civil organizations are supported to settle in, and it will be open to the whole society in the future.

Blockchain may monitor new infectious diseases

In 2008, the national automatic warning system for infectious diseases was established, but was "absent" in the epidemic. This is because the existing infectious disease prevention and control system lacks an important link-there is no early warning mechanism for new viruses.

As early as December 2019, several pneumonia patients of unknown cause appeared in several hospitals in Wuhan. Until January 20, Academician Zhong Nanshan made clear to the media that human-to-human transmission of new crown pneumonia and the first confirmation of medical staff infection. Since then, the public has become aware of the danger of the new crown virus.

The current national infectious disease reporting process is: the clinician finds and completes the infectious disease report card—passes the hospital review—the district CDC review—the municipal CDC review—the provincial CDC review—the national CDC review— National Infectious Diseases Network Direct Reporting System-National Infectious Diseases Automatic Warning Information System.

The whole process has many levels of aggregation and takes a long time. Before the qualitative analysis, the system cannot issue an early warning to the society.

(Photo courtesy of respondent for infectious disease report card asynchronous parallel process)

In addition, based on the original system, the infectious disease report card was only uploaded vertically, and there was no horizontal information sharing, so it could not support the comparison of the same symptom data between hospitals in different regions.

Some technology companies think of using blockchain + big data to solve the above problems.

Xing Haining, CTO of Nuobutton Technology, told Zinc Link that the plan they were designing was that if the hospital found a suspicious condition, the initial reporting process could be divided into two lines: one was to report according to the original assessment process, and the other was to directly report the situation to the hospital. Upload to the national early-warning system. Through big data processing, early-warning information will be automatically sent to relevant leaders and departments to do early warning and management control of the epidemic.

In addition, another core problem that this solution needs to solve is to break the data silos of medical institutions and achieve horizontal data sharing. GD Dao's CEO Song Xuewu and industry expert Huang Rui revealed to Zinc Link that the system can document the authority of the subject on the chain to authorize and use data. Who uses what data has records and can be verified. Coupled with secure multi-party computing technology, the encrypted data is on the chain, the original data is still in place, and patient privacy is protected.

This can avoid the situation where the immune situation has occurred and the Spring Festival continues. In essence, blockchain technology is an upgrade of organizational production relations.

(Photo courtesy of grassroots autonomous early warning respondents)

Hao Tian, ​​a member of the blockchain security company PeckShield, told Zinc Link that with the use of blockchain, data is closed to open and fully centralized decision-making is released to distributed weak centers. The synergistic relationship that is split between each other is more efficient through the binding of interests Optimization.

This is like a smart contract, the rules are still set by the CDC, but once the conditions are triggered, the human interference energy is small. The data truly holds the decision-making power, and the organization and people assist to avoid the worry or concealment of human responsibility for decision-making.

Third, the blockchain pass

The gradual resumption of work brought about the return to the city, and the community, as the entrance of information statistics, can accurately record the first-hand epidemic prevention information, the return to the city information and related records.

Electronic pass has gradually become popular, but there are still some loopholes.

First, each company has its own "certificate", and the data between them is islanded. Government jurisdictions have difficulty in grasping the situation of all communities in the entire jurisdiction; second, the data has the risk of being damaged and modified.

As a result, some blockchain companies have introduced blockchain technology into the system. All registration data are on-chain. While tamper-proof, they can also connect more epidemic prevention data, which helps government agencies to dynamically grasp the cross-region population flow situation and prevent epidemic situations. Control plays an important role.

1) Anti-tampering, more authentic data

Xi'an Beilinhuan University Innovation Industry Belt Management Committee, together with Chuangbao and Xi'an Zhigui Internet Technology Co., Ltd., launched a personal health information status registration platform that can register the physical health status of all office staff in the Xi'an Innovation Design Center building in real time. And generate a unique QR code for the individual's entry and exit credentials. Individuals can enter and exit the building only after verifying their identity and physical health with the QR code and their second-generation ID card. The health information uploaded by the individual and the time of entering and exiting the building will be recorded on the blockchain network. on.

Xie Yuan, director of the operation of Zhigui Technology, told Zinc Link: "We join the blockchain technology in order to retain and retrospectively register the information without being changed by certain factors. Once the health information and related data are on the chain, they cannot be tampered with and deleted. Strong protection of the integrity and authenticity of personal health information. "

The platform is currently in use in a number of industrial parks, including Xi'an Beilin Huan University and Xigong University Innovation Building.

2) Public ledger, linking more epidemic data

On February 9th, U-Chain launched the WeChat mini program of "Access", which opened the entrances of residents and properties, and scanned the registrants through duty personnel to achieve the effect of contactless, fast verification and review, and the access control data of access personnel was available to the government. Use to pinpoint suspicious people.

Luo Xiao, CEO of UChain Technology, introduced to Zinc Link that after the introduction of blockchain technology, first, by taking advantage of its advantages as a "public ledger", it can achieve one ledger for the entire region, city, province and even the whole country, which can effectively connect More epidemic prevention data and data sharing. Second, the big data of epidemic situation can be analyzed, and the government agencies can dynamically link to grasp the cross-region population flow situation, so as to better serve the epidemic. Third, using blockchain privacy protection technology for data encryption, in addition to government requirements, sensitive data is fully desensitized and displayed, and illegal access to data will be stored in real time by the blockchain.

Luo Xiao revealed: "The access control has been used in 2000+ communities."

Although the registration system added to the blockchain technology achieves similar functions, it provides effective and effective protection for epidemic prevention and control in terms of data analysis, data privacy protection, and data authenticity.

Fourth, the low level of informationization is the bottleneck that limits the use of blockchain

Although there are ready-made scheme designs and systems, the reality is far less optimistic than imagined. The development of digitization in various parts of the country is uneven, and the digitization of government affairs in some areas is lagging behind. Digitalization is the prerequisite for the use of technologies such as blockchain.

Li Feng, the person in charge of Du Xiaoman's financial blockchain, introduced to Zinc Link that all epidemic information needs to be digitized and managed with an online system. Second, the process is online, and the connection between processes is best automated, with minimal manual intervention and maximum available manual labor. Check.

"In addition to digitalization, another key is the cross-domain connection of data and business. This is also the main use of blockchain in government affairs." Li Feng said.

If the future government information and digitalization is high enough, the effect of using blockchain can be expected.

In the long run, the unique value of blockchain is to help build credible government affairs. If the government opens some readable permissions to the public and realizes information transparency, it will greatly help build government credibility.

SARS in 2003 is an opportunity for the e-commerce platform. The new crown epidemic is also an excellent period for us to consider the existing social management system. This is an opportunity for the blockchain.

We never know when the next epidemic will arrive, but before then, we can sharpen our tools and make better preparations.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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