Chen Lei: The influx of hedge funds will bring new opportunities to the mining industry

On February 15, Chen Lei, the founder of BitBlue Whale, was a guest on "Coin Mining Hookup" and shared the following wonderful views on the current situation: The current mining industry will not be greatly affected by the epidemic, and the difficulties of the non-mining industry will actually be Bringing some opportunities in the mining industry, risk-averse funds, and institutions seeking new profit points may look to this industry. This is a sensitive period of opportunity and opportunity.

The possibility of a BTC surge is not so high. I don't think it is a halving market now. The price of the currency will continue to stay at around 10,000, making it difficult to break the historical high. Summarize four points: 1. The industry concentration continues to increase; 2. Financial instruments and financial products are becoming more and more abundant; 3. The huge differences in the industrial chain advantages between China and the rest of the world will be further reduced; 4. Cloud computing power will enter the whole region During the competition period, the giants in various subdivisions will bring in different products to enter. In the end, they will keep the flow entrance and open the flow increase valve.