Blockchain helps epidemic prevention and control, Julu County, Hebei Province launches "hard core" management platform

Source: Xinhuanet

On February 16th, Julu County, Hebei Province actively introduced scientific and technological forces in winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control, and a joint working group with Xinhuanet Co., Ltd. conquered the difficulties and developed a big data management platform for epidemic prevention and control. Today, the platform is officially launched. The relevant person in charge of the Julu County Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group said that the platform will provide an efficient, transparent and accurate overall solution for the county's epidemic prevention and control management. The introduction of the blockchain as the underlying technical support of the platform will help the grass-roots social governance capabilities. Promotion.


At present, from the city to the village, from the unit to the community, a full coverage, no dead end, no blind spot epidemic prevention and control work is being carried out intensively. Collecting, summarizing, reporting, and reviewing various front-line data is an important part of prevention and control. How can we scientifically collect and manage data, improve the efficiency of government's epidemic prevention and control work, and improve the government's response and management capacity in the face of complex incidents? The relevant person in charge of Xinhuanet said that the epidemic is an order, and the problem that the grassroots need to solve urgently is our direction of struggle. Time does not wait. All the technical personnel work on a 24-hour basis to complete the development and deployment of the platform at the fastest speed, thus gaining valuable time for epidemic prevention and control.

Epidemic prevention and control needs to gather real-time information and historical data from multiple locations and departments. The platform is equipped with 8 modules, which can realize the full systematization and automation of epidemic data collection, review, statistical analysis and update, real-time summary of the data, and can quickly respond and issue early warnings, thereby improving the accuracy of data collection. And timeliness, to facilitate epidemic prevention and control managers to grasp the latest situation and predict trends, and to help scientific coordination of epidemic prevention and control in different regions and departments. Users can log in to the platform with their mobile phones or computers to complete various operations such as entering and reporting control data, viewing the control map in real time, summarizing the control data, locating the control personnel at any time, remote reporting, and video conferencing.

The application of blockchain technology is a major feature of the platform. After the data is uploaded to the platform, the entire network is synchronized and securely encrypted, which greatly improves the efficiency and security of data acquisition. It also makes the data immutable and enhances the credibility of the data. After the platform data is confirmed, the whole process can be traced back, providing credible data support for epidemic prevention and control, providing decision-making assistance for accurate government policies, and providing objective and comprehensive basis for the work evaluation of various departments. It can also be used by third-party agencies after the fact. Various analyses.

At the same time, the platform has good scalability and can access more data sources as needed, such as mobile phone third-party applications (WeChat applets, etc.), hospital information systems, CT machines and other sensors based on the Internet of Things technology. Blockchain enables data to be shared across multiple systems.

The person in charge of Shenzhen Moker Node Co., Ltd., who participated in the technical research of the platform, said that the platform's existing structure can meet the needs of government departments and industry organizations for epidemic prevention and control management, and more functions will be introduced in the future to make better use of big data and blockchain. Advantages in urban management and social governance. According to the relevant person in charge of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group in Julu County, the county attaches great importance to the use of new technologies for epidemic prevention and control, and cooperates with Beijing Shulitong Technology Co., Ltd. to implement personnel access scan QR code registration at key intersections, which is convenient Tracking and monitoring of mobile personnel.

Industry experts said that in the critical period of fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Julu County implemented the central and provincial and municipal decision-making deployments and applied digital technology in depth to provide a strong support for the scientific and accurate local victory in the epidemic prevention and control fight. For other regions to learn from the copied basic public health emergency management model.

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