Jiang Zhuoer updated the preliminary plan for BCH miners' donation: it is inclined to start donations after the community reaches a basic agreement

Jiang Zhuoer just tweeted that he would update the preliminary plan for the donation of BCH miners:

1. Voting by hashrate, if 2/3 hashrate agrees, then donate.

2. Miners donate 5% of the output. Miners can choose several donation objects: General Fund, ABC, BCHD, and Electron Cash.

3. Donations last 6 months (a version is only valid for 6 months). I recommend stopping donations after 6 months and then turning them on again to prevent them from becoming permanent rules.

4. There are still many objections, and I tend to donate after the community should reach a basic consensus. If this is not possible, you can build a general fund first, run the donation to see the effect, and then proceed to the next hashrate vote.