BitWei sells over 600,000 miners in 2019 to rapidly expand market share and weaken Bitmain's market position

Bitcoin miner maker Bitmicro has rapidly expanded its market share by selling more than 600,000 miners in 2019, thereby weakening rival Bitmain's dominance. Zhang Wencheng, sales director of Shenma Mining Machinery, recently said that BitWei will sell about 600,000 sets of Shenma M20 series in 2019. These products generate about 60 TH / s computing power on average, and the newly delivered 600,000 miners may contribute more than 30 EH / s computing power to the Bitcoin network in 2019, which means that the computing power of Bitcoin will increase in 2019. Half may come from the mining machine provided by BitWei. Bitcoin's current computing power is 110 EH / s. This also means that the computing power of bitcoin mining machines may account for about 30% of the computing power of bitcoin mining machines currently sold, making it one of the largest and fastest growing miner manufacturers in the world.