Big data of OKEx trading: the ratio of long and short positions in BTC contracts is 2.28, and the long position in the market still has a large advantage

As of 10:30 on February 17, according to OKEx trading big data, the number of short and long positions in the BTC contract was 2.28, the quarterly contract basis was US $ 309.4, the perpetual contract basis was US $ 3.4, and the perpetual contract fund rate was 0.065%; The total number of BTC contract positions is 11,166,933, the 24h trading volume is 29,249,399; the active buying volume is 383,794, and the active selling volume is 420,989; the elite account has a long account ratio of 51%, a long position ratio of 26.12%, a short account ratio of 46%, and a short position. Position ratio is 24.14%. In terms of BTC spot data, the leverage ratio is 28.24, the amount of active currency purchase is 246.31 BTC, the amount of active currency sale is 203.57 BTC, and the USDT OTC premium rate is 102.28%. Analysts said that the ratio of long and short positions in BTC contracts is 2.28, and the market has a large advantage in long positions. The quarterly contract basis has fallen somewhat but is still above the relatively high level of 300 US dollars. Perpetual contract fund rates are high and positions are held. The total amount has slightly decreased but is still above 11 million. The current market confidence in the market outlook is still relatively strong, but it needs to be noted that the quarterly contract basis, perpetual contract rates, and total positions have all fallen. Pay attention to the short-term Long positions are closed; active market transactions are relatively active, and there is still a possibility of short-term market movements; in terms of BTC contract elite positions, long account ratios and position ratios are slightly better, but not obvious.