Analysis: PoS tokens with large market capitalization have smaller volatility in the falling and rising market, and the income is relatively more stable.

On April 29th, according to Messari data, LongHash selected 24 kinds of PoS tokens with the highest market value, and calculated the price fluctuations and mining revenues of these currencies in the past year and April 20, respectively. Rate and calculate the comprehensive rate of return. (Note: The PoS-type tokens provided by Messari include DPoS and a hybrid consensus mechanism token with PoS.) Data shows that since the digital currency market in 2018 experienced a big bear market, many digital currencies including the currency of the PoS mechanism Both have experienced huge declines, and the PoS currency has been able to effectively reduce the losses caused by falling currency prices due to a portion of the currency mining revenue. For example, in the past year, iost and Zcoin's mining revenues have exceeded 15%, and the reduction in loss to the holders of the currency is more obvious. Since 2019, the market for digital money has warmed up, and all currencies have experienced large gains. The income from mining has become a supplement to investors' income and has improved the overall income of investors. It can be seen from the above that the volatility of the tokens with larger market value in the falling and rising market is smaller than the token of the small market value, and relatively more stable.