Ministry of Finance: National PPP Comprehensive Information Platform (New Platform) goes online, using blockchain and other technologies

Source: Ministry of Finance

Today, the Ministry of Finance issued the "Announcement on the Online Operation of the National PPP Comprehensive Information Platform (New Platform)". The full text of the announcement is as follows:

Announcement on the launch of the national PPP comprehensive information platform (new platform)

Financial Enterprise Letter [2020] No. 2

In order to implement the reform requirements of "decentralized management services", improve the PPP project supervision, service and information disclosure capabilities, and promote the high-quality development of PPP, after two years of joint efforts, the national PPP comprehensive information platform has been completely upgraded and upgraded. The platform is online.

The new platform uses the latest information technology achievements such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data to expand the platform architecture and functions, improve the degree of information verification and accuracy, enhance the ability of intelligent supervision and big data calculation and analysis, and facilitate information acquisition And associated retrieval applications . The launch of the new platform will further drive the PPP field to use information technology to innovate working methods and improve work efficiency.

From the perspective of use, the components of the new platform are basically unchanged, including the two major parts of information management and disclosure, as well as the project library, consulting agency library, expert database, and database. On the basis of the original financial users, the project library adds users such as industry authorities, implementing agencies, social capital, financial institutions, project companies, consulting agencies, and experts. The entire life cycle information of the PPP project will be carried out by various users. Enrich the sources of information and public content, implement the rights and obligations of all parties involved in the market, improve the ability to jointly build, govern and share, and promote the construction of a unified large market. In order to rely on the new platform to accelerate the strengthening of project warehousing and reserve management, and to ensure that the transition of the old and new platforms does not affect the project warehousing, our center has first started the training service for key users related to the warehousing; in the next step, our center will work with provincial finance Departments, etc., provide training services for various users in an orderly manner.

In order to accurately serve the urgently needed projects for epidemic prevention and control, the project library has also opened a green channel for storage, implementing immediate reporting, immediate review, compliance and immediate release, urgent affairs, special affairs and special operations, and resolutely winning the people's war and overall war against epidemic prevention and control. , Blocking battle.

The public can access the new platform public information service by visiting the new website of the Government and Social Capital Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Finance ( ); users can also log in to the new platform to enter, update and manage information. We welcome suggestions from all walks of life to help us further improve the new platform.

Special announcement.

Ministry of Finance Government and Social Capital Cooperation Center

February 17, 2020

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