DEX Weekly Report: Total Ethereum DEX Project Transactions in the Past Week

According to the data on the DEX special page, as of now, there have been 17 DEX projects based on the Ethereum network, with a total of 267,337 ETH on the chain in the past week, totaling 69,478,423 USD. Overall, the DEX projects with the most active users in the past week were: Uniswap (12,560), IDEX (7,842), Tokenlon (1,842), ForkDelta (1,492), Bancor (995 ); According to the ranking of user transactions, the DEX projects with the largest transaction amounts are: Uniswap (176,712ETH), DDEX (35,162ETH), Tokenlon (29,340ETH), IDEX (22,770ETH), ForkDelta (2,790ETH).