Shenma Mining Machine sells about 600,000 mining machines in 2019, and US dollar revenue may reach 9 digits

Zhang Wencheng, sales director of MicroBT, said that the company's flagship product, the WhatsMiner M20 series, sold about 600,000 units last year. These miners generate an average of about 60 megabytes of computing power per second. This means that the 600,000 miners delivered may contribute more than 30 EH / s of Bitcoin computing power in 2019. With the sharp increase in the price of bitcoin throughout 2019, the two-week average computing power of the network increased from 40 EH / s at the end of 2018 to nearly 100 EH / s in December, more than doubled. This means that nearly half of the increase in Bitcoin computing power in 2019 may come from the equipment provided by Shenma. Although the exact average price of this batch of mining machines cannot be determined (the price of mining machines will be adjusted due to the price of Bitcoin), if the prices of various models of the company's M20 series products are viewed, US dollar income in 2019 may be as high as 9 digits.