Bitcoin is soaring, industry investment is heating up, and the air has come … you urgently need a cheat for customs clearance!

I have a friend who is a court reporter for a paper media company in Hangzhou. Two days ago, he had not contacted for N years and he suddenly sent a smiley face and a phrase "are you there" on WeChat.

He said that I had known for a long time that I was working as a blockchain media, could I introduce him to Bitcoin, can I buy it now, and what to buy.

I smiled: The Prophet Chunchun Plumbing Duck, the newcomer is about to enter.

On February 9th, Bitcoin, which had been silent for more than 4 months, fired a "cloud arrow", the price of which soared from a low of $ 6433 to $ 10,000, and successfully entered the Weibo hot search list. Digital currencies such as BCH, BSV, ETC, etc., which are also labeled with "halving", have increased by more than 100% in just a few days.

Practitioner A: "Is the price at its peak? Can you still buy it?" Practitioner B: "Don't ask, ask is to buy, just buy with your eyes closed."

Hilarious, excited, and even some crazy, this is a true portrayal of cryptocurrency practitioners today.

Bitcoin is a whistleblower. With a whistle, the blockchain industry is boiling. Fidelity, Samsung, Pantera Capital, ConsenSys, DGC … Traditional and blockchain capital successively threw olive branches to blockchain companies, financing news snow flakes generally came …

The first second was still in a bear market, and the second was in a bull market, which left many people scratching their heads. No entry and no exit. In anxiety and hesitation, the market heats up and sings all the way.

From the beginning of 2020, the black swans will fly in swarms. Everyone who cares about the blockchain must ask themselves three questions. How to see the trend of global economic development? How to grasp the industrial opportunities of blockchain technology? How to use digital currency to maintain or even increase the value of wealth?

Babbitt Industry Class, which was made by Babbitt and seven industry leaders over a month of "fine polishing", has insights, business insights, and investment opportunities related to blockchain.

To give myself a new year's gift for 2020, Babbitt Industry Class is a good choice. I used 7 days to upgrade my cognition. Then, I raised my head, faced the bleak life, faced the thorny bumps, and greeted 2020.

How does blockchain invest? Listen to Xu Yingkai, founder of BlockVC

On December 24, 2019, BlockVC released a research report which stated that the bottom of the Bitcoin market was formed in three levels: "policy bottom", "market bottom" and "fundamental bottom" (halving). As a result, the Bitcoin chip structure has been converted. $ 6,500 in 2019 is $ 3,200 in 2018. From February to April 2020, there is an overall upward trend, and it will challenge $ 13000-14000 before the halving in May.

This research is completely different from the market sentiment at that time, but it successfully predicted the Bitcoin market from January to February 2020! In February, BlockVC released a report again: the halving market has just warmed up, seeing a climax after returning in February!

As the head of BlockVC, how does Xu Yingkai think about blockchain investment? What is its investment methodology? What does he think of Bitcoin's follow-up market?

Babbitt industry class, he will spend two hours to explain the following four topics to you:

1. An in-depth analysis of the blockchain industry map; 2. Blockchain investment and asset management; 3. The development of the blockchain industry in the eyes of investors; 4. The methodology of blockchain project investment.

How does the industrial blockchain stand out? Yunxiang Huang Butian talks with you at night

On December 26, 2019, the Cloud Elephant blockchain completed a round of financing of several tens of millions of yuan in A ++. This is a "10.24 speech". The blockchain has become the first domestic blockchain technology service provider to obtain financing after a national strategy. The total amount of financing has also exceeded 200 million yuan.

Huang Butian said that the core of the blockchain enterprise is to solve the value problem of the business scene. It cannot be the blockchain for the blockchain!

Is it urgent to transform the blockchain? Which pits cannot be touched? How does blockchain make money? You stand outside the door. These are puzzles and puzzles. Huang Butian was in the door, and it was all about life and death, he knew it all.

Babbitt industry class, he will spend two hours to explain the following four topics to you:

1. How to build a blockchain team; 2. Where are the real barriers to the industry; 3. How to improve the company's engineering implementation capabilities; 4. 3 reminders and suggestions for entrepreneurs.

Opportunities and risks of digital assets, Meng Yan of Digital Asset Research Institute will reveal them for you

The coronavirus epidemic is raging in Wuhan. Meng Yan, deputy director of the Digital Asset Research Institute, is located in Wuhan. For more than 20 days, he has been involved in dispatching rescue materials in the blockchain industry while calming down, thinking about the opportunities and risks in the industry.

He said that the development of China's blockchain industry is ushering in new logic: the "1024 New Deal" has loosened the industry, the New Crown epidemic has created new scenarios and needs, and the loosening policy is a booster for soaring. Once the epidemic is thoroughly controlled in the first half of the year, a retaliatory rally will accelerate the implementation of blockchain applications. But he also said that at the same time that one group of companies is successful, another group will disappear.

How did the supervised boots land? How do companies choose a strategic direction? What is the future of digital assets?

Babbitt Industry Class, he will spend 2 hours talking with you in detail about the following four topics:

1. Why blockchain has become a national technology strategy; 2. The relationship between data and blockchain; 3. Digitalization of assets and digital assetization; 4. Problems and opportunities we face.

7 days and 14 hours, 7 big coffees poured hands on "blockchain knowledge map"

The Babbitt industry class is divided into 7 modules, including rapid entry, dialectical thinking, entry into big factories, innovation and breakthrough, practical knowledge, business investment and financial structure. In addition to the three teachers mentioned above,

Tang Xialing, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of Babbitt, Ma Shitao, founder of Lingting Blockchain, Xu Yutao, Chief Solution Architect of Ant Blockchain, Hu Jie, Chief Innovation Consultant, Microsoft Omni-channel Business Unit, Shanghai Institute of Finance

From February 25th to March 2nd, from 7 am to 9 pm every night, they will use live video + PPT to share in one hour and answer questions in one hour to build a comprehensive knowledge of the blockchain for participants. system.

Practitioners and entrepreneurs in the traditional industries who want to enter the blockchain; entrepreneurs who want to work in the blockchain field; ordinary people who want to use blockchain technology to achieve wealth growth; hope to be able to work in the blockchain A white-collar workplace to achieve personal transformation; and all enthusiasts who want to know something about blockchain.

The body is getting fat and the mind has to keep up. Babbitt Industry Welcome Class, the original price is 399 yuan / person, the current price is 199 yuan / person.

More than 300 practitioners have signed up to participate! What are you waiting for? This may be your starting point for entering the blockchain world.

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