PeckShield: There were 8 DApp security incidents in April, and the EOS attack features were replayed one after another in the wave field.

According to the PeckShield situational awareness platform data, in the past month, there were 4 hacking incidents in the EOS public chain, a total loss of 17,630 EOS, worth 540,000 yuan; 4 hacking incidents in the TRON public chain, total loss of TRX and BTT Nearly 1.2 million yuan; overall:

1. EOS DApp's early attack features have gradually shown signs of recurring in TRON: the "fake BTT" attack in TRONBank is similar to the "fake EOS" attack; TRONWow is similar to the frequently occurring EOS random number in random number cracking. Attacks; in addition, the common transaction rollback attacks on EOS are also used by hackers to cast net attacks on the wave field;

2. The EOS DApp security incident has gradually shifted from the pure chain to the offline server: a number of recent DApps have been attacked by memo attacks, and hackers have implemented attacks by interfering with the game server, which brings to the DApp developers. A bigger security challenge.