Locked warehouse release 10% with over 60% mortgage, community to maintain IRIS value stability and network security

On the first two months of the launch of IRISnet, the first regional hub in the Cosmos network, 10% of the planned unlocking will release 200 million IRIS. How much impact will it have on liquidity? It is reported that the final pledge of mortgages has exceeded 60% of this release. Therefore, the newly added liquidity will actually be less than 4%, which will help to further maintain the value stability and network security of IRIS. Many early participants, such as NGC, Time Stamp Capital, SNZ, Waterdrip, Univalues, Wheat Wallet, Reading Fund, Papers, Science and Technology, Coin, One, and Jieshi, have already communicated with the IRIS Foundation in advance to obtain their own management authority and will continue. Mortgage to the verification node. In the BPoS network, participating in the mortgage means actively locking the chips, the certifier will be more active in order to get rewards, and the network will be safer.