Binance Exchange will launch Binance Cloud, an exchange infrastructure platform

Binance Exchange plans to announce the launch of Binance Cloud, a digital asset trading platform for small exchanges around the world, which will provide spot markets and futures trading for local exchanges around the world, as well as local bank API integration and P2P fiat currency cryptocurrency trading services. Binance announced that Binance Cloud will provide the same matching engine, security control and liquidity as Binance exchanges. These local exchanges can have their own brands and different local fiat currencies, but the backend is basically the same. This will bring more liquidity benefits and reach more regions where Binance cannot provide services. The Binance Cloud service is a one-stop solution with an easy-to-use dashboard that allows customers to manage funds, trading pairs, and the list of listed tokens, as well as multilingual support, and deep sharing with the cryptocurrency exchange, as well as the ecosystem Opportunity to coorparate. In the future, Binance also plans to add staking and OTC OTC trading functions, as well as the listing function based on the IEO platform.