Babbitt Weekly Selection 丨 A DeFi crisis triggered by a new species of "lightning loan"; Blockchain + Epidemic application opens the door to blockchain social governance

Guide: Blockchain has set off a new industry boom in China. Babbitt's weekly election will review the major events that have changed the industry trend in the past week from the perspectives of policy supervision, editorial, project ecological implementation, technology progress, platform construction, and investment. For all blockchain entrepreneurs, Investors and users can provide a basis for grasping the development trends and opportunities of the blockchain.


Community hot discussion: DeFi crisis triggered by bZx

By controlling the DeFi loan agreement bZx, the attackers obtained a "revenue" of 350,000 US dollars. This approach caused a stir in the DeFi world and made the new species "Flash Loan" a hot topic.

The loan agreement bZx was manipulated to make "Lightning Loans" popular, and to understand the secrets of Lightning Loans that must be repaid in 13 seconds

DeFi Weekly Selection 丨 bZx Event Reflection: What Does Flash Loan Mean?

Attackers make a net profit of 350,000 US dollars. Can DeFi not only immoral arbitrage, but also centralization?

I. Policy and supervision

European and American countries' supervision of the cryptocurrency industry is gradually making new progress. US FinCEN will issue new crypto regulatory requirements. The European Commission is gathering input from EU citizens, businesses, regulators and other stakeholders to establish a regulatory framework for crypto assets and markets at the European level.

Comment: IRS doesn't consider Bitcoin as a virtual currency at all

France proposes EU to make blockchain a priority development, urging it to remove legal obstacles

Senior U.S. official proposes: allow investors to make tax-free investments in Bitcoin

US Treasury Secretary: FinCEN will release new crypto regulatory requirements

EU launches public consultation on crypto asset supervision, final plan to be released in Q3

Italian securities regulator establishes cryptocurrency regulations, has closed 2 cryptocurrency trading sites

Blockchain and physical applications

According to incomplete statistics, dozens of blockchain epidemic applications have been launched, blockchain + charitable donations, blockchain + epidemic information, blockchain + corporate financial services, blockchain + identity information, etc. The chain has truly served social governance and served real life.

Inventory | Blockchain is not absent: 20 blockchain epidemic prevention applications are launched online in 14 days

Blockchain helps epidemic prevention and control, Julu County, Hebei Province launches "hard core" management platform

Demystifying China's First Blockchain System for CDC

Foreign exchange bureau strengthens the construction of cross-border financial blockchain service platform to ease the financing difficulties and expensive financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises

109 Associations Launch Blockchain Charity Project: A Week in the Industry Blockchain

The Ministry of Civil Affairs urges Tencent Ali's epidemic software to be designed using blockchain

Donation, medical treatment, rescue, community prevention and control, can blockchain become a new weapon to fight the epidemic?

Viral "whistleblower" plan: a regional grassroots linkage early warning network based on blockchain

Fuzhou uses two-dimensional code to solve epidemic prevention and control of personnel, and the database enhances the authenticity of information through blockchain technology

Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Software blockchain technology helps precision epidemic prevention

Ministry of Finance: National PPP Comprehensive Information Platform (New Platform) goes online, using blockchain and other technologies

Third, technical direction

BCH ’s proposal for miner donations is now sparking heated discussions in the community. Bitcoin ABC has released a new donation plan to reduce the percentage of block reward donations to increase the participation of miners. The 51% attack has always been a real potential threat to cryptocurrencies, like a time bomb. Now Ethereum's founder V God has proposed a new concept that is expected to completely eliminate 51% attacks.

Ethereum developers propose EIP 2515, suggesting that "difficulty freeze" replace "difficulty bomb"

Bitcoin ABC will include BCH miner donation plan in May, donation ratio changed to 5%

The detailed explanation of the original text of V God: solving the 51% attack problem of the blockchain through the timeliness detector (TD)

Can 51% attacks be finally eliminated? Ethereum founder Vitalik proposes a new concept for this

Fourth, investment and financing

Last week, the blockchain industry carried out a number of financing activities, with a total size of more than 70 million US dollars. The largest of these include BlockFi for $ 30 million and Amber for $ 28 million.

Crypto trading company Amber secures $ 28 million in funding from well-known institutions such as Coinbase with a valuation of $ 100 million

Crypto company BlockFi secures $ 30 million in funding, Silicon Valley legend Peter Thiel's venture capital agency leads again

Blockchain analysis company Elliptic receives $ 5 million investment from Wells Fargo

U.S. blockchain security service provider completes $ 4.3 million Pre-A round of financing

Crypto market maker Wintermute Trading completes multi-million dollar seed round

V. Mining

As the date of halving bitcoin is getting closer and the epidemic of China's new crown pneumonia continues, the sentiment of the mining industry is gradually becoming tense, including sellers of mining machines are being seriously affected. There are even more opinions that the main force of Bitcoin mining is shifting from China to the United States and Canada.

Bitcoin breaks 10,000, Huaqiangbei mining machine dealers in the epidemic sigh

Opinion: Bitcoin mining main force is shifting from China to the US and Canada

22 halving coins detonated 2020: ferocious little coins, taking you to heaven and hell

The two mining pools control 60% of the Monero network's computing power. Will the centralization of the mining pools cause security problems?


The scale of DeFi hedging has reached a record high in the recent past, breaking through $ 1 billion. This also makes DeFi one of the most noteworthy directions in 2020.

DeFi P / E: Valuation of DeFi Tokens

Opinion | Defi's most noteworthy in 2020, Bitcoin price may reach $ 20,000

DeFi ushers in new milestones, finance is still Ethereum's main use case

Seven, central bank digital currency and Libra

China's progress in the development of central bank digital currencies is now at the forefront of the world, and it is expected to become the first major economy in the world to launch digital currencies. The sudden emergence of new coronary pneumonia has led to a further reduction in the use of banknotes, which may accelerate the issuance of digital currency by the central bank. According to statistics, China has applied for 48 patents for the central bank's digital currency. In addition to the central bank's digital currency, whether Libra can be officially launched in 2020 is also one of the most concerned events. In order to be able to get Libra online, Libra seems to be making changes by changing the anchor to a single anchor dollar, thereby reducing resistance.

Central bank digital currency

Bank for International Settlements: CBDC is on the road and 1.6 billion people will use it in the next three years

China Daily: Epidemic prevention or control accelerates issuance of digital currencies

BIS: 2019 Central Bank Digital Currency Survey, CBDC Coming

China files 84 patents for central bank digital currency

French central bank: ECB digital currency issuance depends on two key options


Active change, Libra or USD single anchor

Libra anchored in dollars? This is the inevitable option

Digital currency is becoming a consensus. Why is there still many obstacles to Libra landing?

Business Insider predicts that Libra will not be officially released in 2020, and China will release digital currency


The cryptocurrency market experienced an ups and downs last week. OKEx's move to destroy 700 million OKBs has triggered the battle of platform coins, and many exchanges have been fighting against them, continuously releasing benefits and driving the entire market to continue to rise. However, on Sunday, the crypto market continued to fall and callbacks, with Bitcoin falling below $ 10,000.

Regarding why the overnight diving started, Reddit netizens gave a divine explanation

Long sentiment skyrocketed, major exchanges USDT rushed

OKEx announces the destruction of all 700 million OKBs that have not yet been issued, and OKB is up nearly 40%

Soaring 45% this year, Bitcoin broke another $ 10,000! "Half quotation" is expected to be hot