FCoin changes email withdrawal process to address issues such as inefficiency

FCoin issued an announcement saying that the current verification of mail withdrawals is complicated, resulting in too low efficiency. From tomorrow, the process of mail withdrawal will be slightly changed as follows:

1. Send the mail in the login mailbox in the prescribed format. (This step is the same, users who have already sent mail do not need to send it repeatedly)

2. Send a verification code after a basic review of the information.

3. The user receives the verification code and successfully responds to the confirmation, thereby completing the authenticity verification of the mailbox. (There is an important change in this point. The receipt of the verification code does not mean that the cash can be successfully withdrawn, and it must pass the asset verification below).

4. After receiving the user's withdrawal confirmation, the mailbox + asset verification will begin. Once the verification is passed, the relevant withdrawal request will be processed according to the actual amount.

5. The user receives the mail that the withdrawal request has been processed. (After this step, the user will receive the relevant withdrawal currency)