The data shows that the average transaction volume of ETH Dapp is 20 times that of EOS and 11 times that of TRON.

According to RatingToken data, in the last week, the number of EOS/ETH/TRON transactions in the three major public chains EOS (27823075)>TRON(8810218)>ETH(456583); transaction amount EOS($156172182.31)>TRON($90689475.75)>ETH($52593619.49) . The average transaction volume of each public chain was: EOS 5.61 US dollars, up 21.98% from last week; ETH 115.19 US dollars, up 8.98% from last week; TRON 10.29 US dollars, up 48.82% from last week, three public chain Dapp single pen The average transaction volume has risen to varying degrees.