Gu Yanxi: Blockchain has a fundamental impact on the securities industry

The director of CBX Academy Gu Yanxi said that blockchain has a fundamental impact on the securities industry. He said that the blockchain technology is essentially to support transactions that are settled. The most direct application in the securities industry is clearing and settlement. At present, they are completed by clearing and settlement agencies. OCC is available for DTCC and options trading. The biggest problems of centralized settlement and clearing institutions are low efficiency and high cost, because it uses a two-tier clearing system: centralized clearing institutions clear directly to clearing members, which are usually first-class financial institutions, retail brokers, The client is cleared separately. The application of blockchain technology allows transaction users to settle directly, which eliminates the need for a centralized clearing and settlement institution, and the efficiency of the entire market will be greatly improved. In addition, blockchain technology can also have an impact on the primary market. In short, blockchain technology and encrypted digital assets can provide more effective primary and secondary markets.