The main focus incubation project MovieBloc will be launched on May 3rd

In today's Tokeninsight “Dialogue Chief” AMA event, when Wu Ning, a senior architect of the ontology, talked about the topic of “mutual promotion” for the topic of the main chain as an ecological partner, it is “high-value business corresponding to high-value assets, all The process of asset business circulation is recorded in the ontology chain in the form of transaction. The transaction fee corresponding to the transaction becomes the node and application income, so the income ratio of the unit governance increases, triggering the value-added logic of the governance certificate.” Recently, the project focused on the incubation of the ontology MovieBloc will be available on the Start up section on May 3. MovieBloc is a decentralized content distribution platform driven by Korean Internet companies Pandora TV and KMPlayer with more than 800 million users. It is expected to bring a strong boost to the on-line ecological and general economy of the ontology after going online to the ontology chain.