Suspected bZx Lightning Loan Attack Reoccurs, Attacker May Gain $ 640,000

Ethereum enthusiast and Ethhub founder Eric Conner said on Twitter that the bZx Lightning Loan Flash Loan attack is suspected to reappear. If confirmed, this time the attacker made 2,388 ETH, which was about 644,000 US dollars. This suspected new lightning loan attack occurred at the height of the Ethereum network block 9504627. The attacker borrowed 7,500 ETH and replaced it with WETH, then sold it to Synthetix's synthetic sUSD, and then bought back WETH for profit. Eric said the attacker was suspected of making 2,388 ETH. bZx Lightning Loan is an unsecured loan. The requirement is that borrowing and repayment must be completed on the same Ethereum network block, with a time interval of only ten seconds.