Cosmos's first and second leaders have resigned successively: internal conflicts have intensified, leaving is the best solution

Source: Decrypt

Author: Adriana Hamacher

Compilation: Odaily Planet Daily Wang Ye

The core teams of many blockchain companies seem to be in an "unstable" state.

Following the departure of Cosmos founder Jae Kwon, Cosmos Second Leader and Core Developer Zaki Manian announced that he has resigned from all development and directorships at Cosmos last week, but will continue to contribute to Cosmos' code.

Manian is the core developer of Cosmos, mainly responsible for Cosmos development tasks and management of Tendermint, the development company behind Cosmos. Earlier, he spoke on the departure of Jae Kwon, accusing Kwon of intensifying internal conflicts due to poor management of the company.

Interestingly, a Cosmos insider revealed that Manian had threatened the team withdrawing from Cosmos development and taken away his engineering team unless Kwon resigned as CEO.

In a recent interview with Decrypt , Manian responded to this. He stated that he was very reluctant to accept Kwon's decision to resign from the CEO. He said, "Someone inside the company wants to stir up the relationship between me and Kwon, saying Threatening the position and interests of Kwon, and even other executives of the company , internal conflicts will inevitably affect the development of Cosmos. Now I can't think of a better solution to this problem than leaving the company. "

It seemed that Manian was helpless. The company's internal conflicts escalated, and only resignation came to an end.

Kwon declined to comment on Manian's departure.

At this point, the two core personnel of Cosmos have resigned their positions and titles at Cosmos. Although Kwon has retained his title at the ICF Foundation, most of his energy will be invested in the Cosmos ecological project Virgo (a group of people and organizations Open Society), Manian continues to contribute code to the Cosmos development process.

It's unclear how many developers have retired from Cosmos, and Manian declined to say how many employees followed him. We only know that as of early February, the Cosmos development team had 60 employees.

Although Manian often says that the community is "an ecosystem where multiple entities coexist, there are many ways to motivate everyone to work together." Today, Cosmos has clearly reached a situation where it is difficult to control, which has a far-reaching impact on project development and progress. Beyond Cosmos itself and his investors.