New World: In the future, we will continue to explore the application and innovation of the New World's overall industry in the blockchain

On February 18, Newland (000997) stated in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's interactive and easy-to-reply investor that Newland Technology Group provides technical division of labor and support for the underlying technology of the blockchain. Sharing superior resources and leading technologies in the field of computing and other digital information, promoting the construction and development of the "digital citizen" project, and actively responding to the strategic ideas of digital China, the digital economy, and the power of the Internet. At the level of listed companies, it is relatively focused on the application and exploration of blockchain in its own industry-related fields such as digital commerce, farm trade, and traceability. It aims to implement more business scenarios and catalyze the establishment of a richer digital ecosystem. With the development of technology, continue to explore the application and innovation of the new industry as a whole in the blockchain.