bZx: The second attack is an Oracle operation attack, which is different from the previous one

Defi protocol bZx was attacked again yesterday. In response, bZx official stated on Twitter that the second attack was an Oracle operation attack, which was completely different from the first attack. The attacker made a net profit of about $ 600,000 from the system. The sUSD reserve on Kyber includes APR and Uniswap pools. bZx believes that an attacker can manipulate both and bypass related checks. bZx will implement a change that allows traders and borrowers to close positions. In the meantime, the team will strengthen the security of the agreement to ensure that similar incidents do not happen again. In addition, bZx is working with Chainlink and other Oracle networks to create a more secure Oracle network and reduce the attack scope of the protocol. According to previous reports, Bitcoinist pointed out that bZx suffered a second attack indicating the need for a thorough audit of DeFi smart contracts.