Data: Compound registered assets soar to over $ 200 million

According to CoinGape, Robert Leshne, co-founder of Compound, a decentralized financial platform, has posted on Twitter a few days ago to congratulate the development team and thank users of DeFi products because the agreement provider has registered more than $ 200 million in assets. "Our first priority is still security; although we cannot guarantee absolute security (no agreement can), we can guarantee that this has been our goal." The CoinGape article states that Compound supplier assets are currently $ 208,155,790, an increase from the previous day. 5.45%, the value of Compound's supply-side assets indicates that the adoption of the platform will gradually increase in the near future. The total amount of the borrower was $ 42,135,609, a significant increase of 12.35% over the past 24 hours. According to a previous report by The Block, Robert Leshner said that the recent performance of the bZx team has repeatedly proven that they cannot take good care of the user's assets. They should immediately suspend business and review the platform. The bZx platform has seen the second Flash Loan attack.