Data: The number of Bitcoins locked in WBTC has steadily increased

According to AMBCrypto, according to Skew data, the number of Bitcoins locked in the Ethereum ERC20 token WBTC, which anchors Bitcoin, has been steadily increasing over the past 4 weeks. As of press time, the number of WBTCs locked in the Ethereum blockchain was $ 8.1 million, while the number of locks for the Lightning Network was $ 8.8 million. Although the capacity of the Bitcoin Lightning Network also increased significantly during the same period, the growth of WBTC locked on the Ethereum blockchain may indicate that part of the liquidity of Bitcoin is currently flowing into the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, the total value of WBTC has reached an all-time high with the recent surge, which indicates that the increase in the use of DeFi tokens on the Ethereum blockchain may exceed the capacity of the Lightning Network in the near future.