Data: Singapore's blockchain company has received about $ 419 million since 2014

According to The Block, Singapore has always been very attractive to blockchain companies due to the friendly regulatory environment. It is understood that the government even indirectly participated in the financing of blockchain startups. It is understood that Tribe Accelerator, supported by Singapore government agency Enterprise Singapore, has provided S $ 21.5 million (approximately $ 16 million) in funding for blockchain startup projects. It has also invested in the well-known trading platform Coinbase. According to Pitchbook, Singapore's blockchain companies have received about $ 419 million in investments since 2014. In 2018, the investment received by Singapore's blockchain companies was approximately $ 239.5 million, a year-on-year increase of 737%. But by 2019, there has been a huge change in this part of the data, and investment in this year has decreased by about 78% compared to 2018. However, Singapore's blockchain ecosystem is still very prosperous, covering types of trading platforms, public chains, hosting, infrastructure, consulting and insurance. The Block lists 153 blockchain companies, involving 27 different subcategories Among them, cryptocurrency trading platforms include KuCoin, BiKi, etc., and infrastructure includes IOST, Zilliqa, etc.