People's Daily: Efforts to promote the deep integration of modern technology such as blockchain with social governance

On February 19, the People's Daily published an article "Providing Strong Scientific and Technological Support for Social Governance (some targeted)." According to the article, in the current era of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and accelerated industrial change, and new technologies, new industries and new formats emerging endlessly, to strengthen and innovate social governance, we must be keen to grasp the changes in world conditions and national conditions and the development of science and technology. Relying on building a strong country with science and technology, a strong country on the Internet, digital China, and a smart society, the top-level design of using science and technology to support social governance is well done. The key to good top-level design is to promote the deep integration of modern technology such as big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain with social governance in the reform of social governance system, and create data-driven, human-machine collaboration, cross-border integration, and co-creation and sharing intelligence. New model of governance, to achieve accurate perception of social operation, efficient allocation of public resources, timely early warning of abnormal situations, rapid handling of emergencies, and improve the scientific, refined and intelligent level of social governance.