EOS quiz game DEOS Games was attacked by a new type of "wool" attack

Starting at 08:53 this morning, PeckShield security shield wind control platform DAppShield monitored hackers to continue to make profits by creating new accounts and calling the lucky draw method of the EOS quiz game DEOS Games contract. Currently, more than 300 accounts have been created and accumulated. Thousands of EOS. PeckShield security personnel initially analyzed that the hacker account had previously attacked another EOS quiz game EOSNow in a transaction blocking attack. Different from the known attack characteristics, it is preliminarily judged that this attack is a new type of attack. The hacker creates a new account in batches, and in this way, the small bet is exchanged for a large return, and the bet rate of return is abnormally high, which is similar to “snake wool”. PeckShield security personnel are following up on the analysis and more details of the attack features for further disclosure.