Do not forget your original intention, live broadcast in the beginning of 2020, BigONE does not forget the new in the epidemic

At 11:00 am on February 19th, BigONE CEO Lao Tian teamed up with BigONE COO Cheng Jun to conduct a live broadcast on the theme of "How to keep the original BigONE in the 2020 epidemic" in the BigONE community. The event focused on explaining the development and planning of BigONE in 2020, and responding to users' recent concerns.

In the live broadcast, Laotian focused on explaining to community users important events such as spot leverage trading on BigONE, wealth management products, new coin launch, OTC one-click trading, and the formation of a South Korean team. Cheng Jun focused on the issues of community users, such as "contribution value and the price of ONE". "The future of ONE is with BigONE. The development of BigONE will lay a solid foundation for the value of ONE."

In 2020, BigONE will continue to develop new products and continuously improve its digital asset trading ecosystem. It will provide users with a full range of one-stop digital asset related services such as spot trading, leveraged contracts, and entrusted management of wealth.