Weizhong Bank releases WeCross white paper for open source blockchain cross-chain collaboration platform (full text)

Source of this article: Weizhong Bank Blockchain , with cuts

Weizhong Bank's blockchain open source layout adds new members. The new member is named WeCross . It is a blockchain cross-chain collaboration platform independently developed by the Weizhong Bank blockchain team and completely open source. At present, WeCross has completed the development and release of the v1.0.0-rc1 version, which supports a variety of mainstream open source blockchains on the market, such as FISCO BCOS, Hyperledger Fabric, etc.

Through open source and co-construction, WeCross will gradually connect more blockchain platforms and applications, and the community is welcome to actively participate and contribute. Source code open source address:


The following is the full text of the white paper: